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RestoreHER US.America


RestoreHER US.America Inc (RestoreHER) is a policy advocacy reentry organization led by and for justice-involved women of color, based in Georgia. RestoreHER addresses the social determinants of criminalization and intersectionality of social inequities through education, leadership, and policy change to protect the dignity, reproductive justice, and restore the rights of all women directly impacted by incarceration, convictions, and/or trauma. Our mission is to enhance the lives of directly impacted women and work in partnership with those women to end the vicious cycle that leads to mass incarceration for women of color and pregnant women in the south.

RestoreHER LeadHERship

RestoreHER acknowledges that directly impacted women are the “experts” utilizing the methodology and research we term “the participatory process” to create an infrastructure and build capacity forming a framework for harm reduction as well as dismantle oppressive laws and systems locally, statewide, and nationally through education, advocacy, and women’s leadership.

  • National DIGNITY Campaign

  • Women's C.A.R.E. Act

  • Out Of Isolation, Into Action

  • D.A.T.A. (Data Access, Transparency, & Accountability)

  • Renew Rebuild Restore LeadHERship

  • T.R.A.S.H. (Traumatic Realities American Societies Hide)​

  • Dignity LeadHERship Alliance (DLA)

  • Unlocked Minds


  • IMPACT App

  • HERhealth

  • HERcommunity

  • HERhouse

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