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Women's CARE Act

What is the Women's CARE Act?

The Women's CARE (Child Care Alternatives, Resources, and Education) Act (WCA) is a historic bill aiming to keep families together and to bring safety and dignity to thousands of babies and their mothers across the state of Georgia. 

HB 377 contains three main points:

  1.  Offer pregnancy test upon detention and the option to bond out if the test is positive. 

  2. Delay sentencing for expecting mothers so they can maintain prenatal and postpartum care, proper nutritional nourishment, safe infant delivery, breastfeeding, family bonding, and care for their newborn babies.

  3. Maintain records on statistics of pregnant mothers and new mothers in Georgia correctional facilities, so we can better serve babies and their mothers in the future. 

With a bill like this in place, we have the capacity to limit childhood trauma and behavioral problems. There is potential for greater safety for women detained in the Georgia Department of Corrections and local jails. 

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How can I support babies and their mothers with the Women's CARE Act?

There are a few things you can do to support the Women's CARE Act! 

First, contact your lawmakers.


  1. Use this link to locate your state legislator.

  2. Once you have their email address, use the button below to send this pre-written email voicing your support of HB 377.

You can also sign the RestoreHER petition, Dignity For Incarcerated Women Act here:


Another way to support HB 377, is by voicing your support through social media. Use hashtags like #WCA #EndPrisonBirth #Safety4Babies and #DIGNITY. Check out these graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and more

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Women's CARE Act in the News

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