RestoreHER educates women of color who are directly impacted and have been incarcerated through a comprehensive wellness and rehabilitative curriculum. The uniqueness of the curriculum is that it’s the first and only that combines diversion through trauma care, wellness, socio-economic referrals, reentry self-help tools, and leadership training to advance the quality of life, create opportunities, and promote policy change. RestoreHER also educates other stakeholders such as family members, communities, and legislators bringing awareness regarding the harms, lack of dignity, and unmet needs of directly impacted women.

RestoreHER efforts in advocacy includes mobilizing formerly incarcerated women and organizing incarcerated pregnant women through a grassroots approach as well as a speaker’s bureau, TRASH (Traumatic Realities American Society Hides), through the curriculum to articulate timely relevant information and insight for policymakers to make changes for dignity, health, restoration of rights, parole/probation, and diversion programs. RestoreHER advocacy includes “best practices” and “know your rights” through white paper, toolkits, and online materials to promote policy change.


RestoreHER believes in the leadership of directly impacted people in the forefront spearheading the changes needed for criminal justice transformation. RestoreHER engages in the cultivation of expertise from the direct personal experiences of formerly incarcerated women of color in the south within the criminal justice system. RestoreHER in partnership with Georgia State University’s Alonzo Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence in collaboration of community, policy makers, and various entities will provide a Women’s LeadHERship Fellowship upon a curriculum developed through the participatory process that will produce directly impacted organizers, lobbyists, and legislators.


RestoreHER served as lead advisor of state legislation for “Dignity For Incarcerated Women Georgia” HB345, hosted by Chairwoman Sharon Cooper that prohibits the shackling and solitary confinement of incarcerated pregnant women.

RestoreHER also provided advocacy that was instrumental in the of passing the historical First Step Act which included providing the language in HR5682, banning shackling of women in federal custody.

RestoreHER DIGNITY collaborates with justice-involved women, communities, and stakeholders to expand shackling and solitary  confinement legislation throughout the country, currently assisting in the passing of Dignity Bills in 15 states. 

RRR Soros Justice Project

RestoreHER Founder, Pamela Winn created a curriculum that offers a comprehensive wellness, rehabilitation, and leadership program that was awarded the 2019 Soros Justice Fellowship.


The curriculum is derived from a "participatory process" that combines the lived experiences of directly impacted women and an advisory board of seasoned professionals through three components: RENEW your mind, REBUILD your life, and RESTORE your rights. The uniqueness of the curriculum is that it’s the first and only that combines diversion through trauma care, wellness, socio-economic referrals, reentry self-help tools, and leadership training to advance the quality of life, create opportunities, and promote policy change. Go to to complete an application for enrollment.


RestoreHER identified that formerly incarcerated socioeconomic and healthcare needs of women were not being met when returning to the community due to lack of technology, transportation, awareness, and the plain lack of gender specific resources available. There are numerous national, state, and local resource centers, organizational, and reentry programs that have provided resources for years; however, they have not been effective due to no accessibility nor awareness to the people that need them. RestoreHER is contracting with We Are I.T. to bridge the gap by producing a reentry mobile app, IMPACT (Inform Marginalized People And Cultivate Transformation). IMPACT resource database can be accessed on our programs site 


RestoreHER in partnership with the Spelman College Social Justice Program have created “UNLOCKED MINDS”, a dual certificate program at Whitworth Women’s Facility.


Unlocked Minds provides literary stimulation, addresses social and rehabilitative concerns, and wellness with plans to incorporate college credit courses to justice-involved women throughout GDC as well as formerly incarcerated women.  


RestoreHER believes in the safe security of stable housing of justice-involved women. In addition, home ownership is the cornerstone of generational wealth to give hope, help, healing, and deserving for ALL people. RestoreHER strives to provide supportive housing and affordable homeownership that does not discriminate due to criminal history and/or income. RestoreHER currently owns two support homes and is actively seeking funding to purchase 50 acres and the development of land for more than 100 units in South Fulton, Georgia.


T.R.A.S.H. (Traumatic Realities American Society Hides) highlights the "real" stories of lived experiences of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women with the criminal justice system.


T.R.A.S.H. brings awareness and educates the community of the unmeet needs and torturous treatment of women that perpetuates more harm leaving women to return home in a worse condition than when they entered the criminal justice system.


RestoreHER is launching the D.A.T.A. (Data Access for Transparency and Accountability) IS LIFE campaign to reintroduce data collection of maintaining recorded data of all women, pregnancies, and outcomes inclusive of juveniles and mentally ill for state, county, private, and local correctional facilities located in the state of Georgia. We have partnered with GSU Alonzo A. Crim Center to obtain "real time" data. If you are justice-involved complete the survey at

Solitary IS Torture

RestoreHER is spearheading the amendment of legislation HB345 to include juveniles and mentally ill community (vulnerable populations). While participating in the national campaign “Solitary Is Torture”, we will lead the efforts in GA including extensive community education through events, webinars, and social media communication bringing awareness to the harmful effects solitary confinement.

Women's C.A.R.E. Act

The Women's C.A.R.E. (Childbirth Alternatives, Resources, and Education) Act will provide alternative solutions for pregnant women in Georgia. Pregnant women will be deferred not to start their prison sentence until 12 weeks postpartum. This legislation is imperative to the welfare and harm reduction of the directly impacted pregnant women. More important, this legislation will create a safer, healthier environment for all.